Miniature Instruments

Violin:   #110102    $24.99 Cdn.
Guitar:   #110103   $24.99 Cdn.
"Honey, I shrunk the orchestra!"
Incredibly detailed, these scaled down instruments come complete with a fitted a case. A great gift for any musician and the perfect ornament for music lovers.
Violin Measures 3" x 9"  Note: Violin also comes with stand as shown
Guitar Measures: 2 1/2" x 8"
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Tulip Candle Holders

Natural:   #080102    $24.99 Cdn.
Pink:       #080103    $24.99 Cdn.
Green:     #080104    $24.99 Cdn.
Make formal fun . . . cluster these unique tulip candle holders as a table centerpiece and you will light up an entertaining evening. Made of handcarved plantation wood and pewtered wrought-iron they are available in colors shown.
Stand 14 inches tall.

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Green:        #080109    $ 6.00 Cdn.
Burgandy:   #080110    $ 6.00 Cdn.
Tassels are in vogue! Use them on drawer pulls, pillows, gifts, books, wherever you feel a special touch is needed. Two 6 inch tassels are joined by a 12 inch matching cord. Hundreds of twisted soft rayon strands are held together by a cap sparingly wrapped with delicate highlights of gold thread.

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Door Stop

Curl:      #080105    $23.99 Cdn.
Spindle: #080105    $23.99 Cdn.
Recycled brick is cleverly adapted as an attractice door stop. Well anchored with sturdy handles they are easily moved from door-to-door. A conversation piece that is both useful and creative.
Measures: 8"L x 4'W x 3 1/2"H

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